Unitex UK

Webbing, Lifting Equipment and Height Safety

Unitex UK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of webbing, height safety and lifting equipment. We have a history dating back over 100 years in the manufacture of textile web and remain innovators at the forefront of the industry.

All products are uniquely batch identified and extensively verified at all stages of manufacture using the latest inspection and testing equipment, to ensure conformity to all legislative and customer specific requirements. As the nature of our products is safety critical, we insist in rigorous QA in order to satisfy ourselves that all products leaving our facility have met all requirements. Our research and development team have many years of experience in the design of new and innovative products, and work closely with customers to provide an effective solution to individual requests.

Marling Leek (established 1963)

For over 50 years Marling Leek has been producing technical narrow fabrics. We manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality webbings, belts, straps and lashings. Through the adoption of modern manufacturing techniques, Marling Leek is now the leading supplier of webbing into Europe.

Miller Weblift (established 1960)

Market leaders in innovation, engineering and development, Miller Weblift offers the highest quality safe lifting and load securing products in the industry. We offer a large range of synthetic heavy lifting products including round and flat slings, and we also provide load restraints, specialist nets and bespoke-made items.

RidgeGear (established 1998)

At RidgeGear we design, manufacture and test to the highest specification, the most advanced height safety products today. We successfully combine new designs with tried and tested components so that our customers benefit from improved functionality and the knowledge that RidgeGear products give absolute security.